As a responsible homeowner you want exterior renovations handled by a professional who has their skills and expertise backed up with credentials. When searching for a roofer in Calgary always look for a licensed, reputable roofing company with good roofer reviews online. This will ensure that your home insurance provider will cover claims for possible injuries and damages.

Home insurance policies specify that for any modifications and repairs homeowners hire a licenced professional. In the event that you knowingly hire someone who is not licenced, your insurance policy becomes null and void. If you do decide to hire a freelancer, know that they have no real accountability once you hand over the deposit. This is not to say a licensed roofing contractor cannot do the same, however they stand to lose more. Licenced contractors are likely to get better rates on materials as they have established relationships with roofing suppliers in Calgary. This can save you money as the contractor is able to get high quality material at more affordable prices and pass those savings along.

What to Expect from Calgary Roofers

The typical step-by-step roofing process:

  1. All roofing materials will be craned on top of your roof a few days before your renovation is to commence.
  2. The garbage bin will be delivered one day prior to installation and be placed either on the front lawn or in the back alley depending on access and roof location.
  3. A pre-job meeting will be held for the roofing crew to review the job order, details and expectations.
  4. The roofing crew will arrive to match the materials and colour against your order before they commence work.
  5. The roofers will begin by removing old roofing in sections so that large sections are not left unprotected.
  6. If necessary, the decking will be inspected and replaced.
  7. Once the old decking is removed the installation of roofing underlayment over the prepared roof deck will begin.
  8. After the underlayment is complete, the installation of new shingles will be done with the right amount of placement of fasteners.
  9. We will re-flash, seal and paint roof penetrations.
  10. Flashing of walls and ventilation are replaced and enhanced to improve performance as per the proposal’s specifications.
  11. Once your new roofing is complete, we will use magnet rakes and blowers to clean up stray nails and pieces of left over from the renovation.
  12. After completion, everything including the garbage bin will be removed, usually within a day or two.
  13. Quality assurance inspection will be done by the field supervisor responsible for the job who will ensure that the clean-up and your experience was above expectation.

Most Calgary roofing renovations or repairs can be completed in a day or two depending on the size, roof type, materials being used and the roof’s current condition. The timeframe to complete your roof will be reviewed during your free roofing consultation. Rest assured that our experienced roofers will work hard to ensure your new roofing is installed as quickly as possible without compromising the quality of the installation.