Blue Jay Exterior Renovations was started by Bjorn Delblanc and Paul Little in 2018 to offer high-quality siding renovations in the Edmonton market. Francois Beauregard, owner of West Quality Construction, met Bjorn in 2016 while he was working for James Hardie Building Products.

Bjorn got to know Francois as West Quality Construction went through the process of becoming a Preferred Contractor for James Hardie products.

Bjorn notes the significance of this status, “James Hardie uses Guild Quality, a third-party company, to confirm that contractors are doing a good job for customers and Francois has dozens of really good reviews from Guild Quality.” (You can read these reviews here.)

According to Bjorn, this third-party certification is all the more important considering that, “there are other companies that use fake reviews on Google.” In other words, “not every review is created equal.”

Even outside of online reviews, Francois’s reputation is first-class. “He’s a good listener and always wants to make sure things are done properly,” says Bjorn. “When there were little surprises, he didn’t gouge his customers. He treated them with respect and integrity.”

Another reason for this reputation is Francois’s commitment to clear communication. “West Quality is always really patient and they always take care to explain to their customers exactly what is going on with their projects,” says Bjorn.

This is something that differentiates West Quality Construction from other contractors. “Across the board communication is the biggest falling point for contractors in keeping their customers aware of what’s going on,” says Bjorn.

Francois agrees, “communication with the homeowner is the key. Letting them wonder where you are, when you’ll be there, when it’s going to start, when are the guys going to complete the project, that’s where you could fail.”

This is why West Quality Construction prioritizes open communication between their customers and workers.

“We want our siding crew to be involved with the customer because at the ground level they see the customer leaving in the morning, they see them coming back at the end of the day from work, so a friendly relationship between our guys and the client is what we try to promote,” says Francois.

Bjorn says that Francois’s focus on good working relationships comes from a genuine concern for the homeowners he works with. “It comes down to having the customers interest at heart and taking care of their needs, and West Quality always puts the customer first.”

In fact, Francois measures his company’s success by his customer’s satisfaction. “The quality of the job we deliver and the smile on their face, that’s our reward.”